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Thon Maker Surprises Everybody With Incredible Muscle Picture

Credit: IG/thonmaker

Credit: IG/thonmaker

Thon Maker isn't waiting time while he's a free agent. The former Milwaukee Bucks draft pick in the 2016 NBA draft has put to work, has improved his fitness, and now looks like a totally different guy. Maker was never able to break out in the league and now is looking for a new opportunity in the association.

It's unclear if he went to the gym and started taking his shots to improve his game, but he's gone to the gym to lift the weights and he looks like the big brother of the 10th overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft. Maker shared the picture on Instagram, doing curls and showing his big muscles.

He surprised a lot of fans who didn't hesitate to show their reaction, either saying he was on roids, others urging him to improve his jumpers and the rest just called him a bust.

Maker's last experience in the league was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, his third team in the league after the Bucks and the Detroit Pistons. The 24-year-old scored 30 points and grabbed 18 rebounds in eight games with the Cavs, who waived him in January.

Now he's a free agent and this new version of him can mean he's ready to make a return to the league. It remains to be seen if a team will give him the chance to come back but truth be told, a lot of people didn't remember him until this picture saw the light.