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Three Teams Have Offered A Contract To Jamal Crawford


With the new season fats approaching, free-agency talk is all but over until next July, when 2019's dream class of available players finally hits the market.

Yet, even now, one name is still (surprisingly) on the list that nobody seems to be talking about: Jamal Crawford.

After a so-and-so season with the Timberwolves, he declined their contract extension this summer, and has been a free-agent ever since.

While his age is a serious concern, his reputation and skillset alone should be enough to entice someone on taking a chance on him. Apparently, according to ESPN's Marc Spears, only three teams have offered a deal to Crawford.

“[Jamal Crawford] has texted me and said he has nothing yet. He has had offers from the Lakers, the Celtics, and the Warriors.”

All three teams have something pretty big in common: all are in the Championship chase for this upcoming season. All three of the teams would ideally put J.C. in the best position possible for what might be the final year of his career.

Though, according to Spears, none of the offers have included enough money, meaning that unless one of the franchises is willing to open up their wallets, Jamal might not be playing at all by the time opening tip-off occurs this October.