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Thunder Commentator Suspended One Game After Using Racist Phrase During A Live Broadcast

Russell-Westbrook-and-FOX-Sports-announcer-Brian-Davis (1)

Even if it wasn't intentional or malicious, Oklahoma City Thunder announcer Brian Davis will face a one-game suspension -- served during OKC's first-round playoff matchup against the Utah Jazz -- after making racist comments towards Russell Westbrook during the Thunder's game against the Memphis Grizzlies this week.

The Thunder's radio play-by-play man Matt Pinto will replace Davis for Game 1.

Davis made the comment midway through the second quarter after a Westbrook assist to Terrance Ferguson, stating Russ was "out of his cotton-picking mind." The term is apparently popular slang in the southern US, and is used to replace more vulgar words in a sentence. Regardless, the term does have racist connotations, which is why Davis offered an apology over Twitter.

Davis will return for the Thunder's Game 2 matchup against the Jazz next Wednesday.