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Tim Donaghy Says 2007 Playoff Series Was Rigged Against Suns

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

As the NBA deals with thier modren crisis, former NBA Tim Donaghy is digging up some of their old ones.

In looking back at the 2007 Western Conference Finals between the Spurs and Suns, Donaghy admitted the series was rigged in part because of the dislike of Suns owner Robert Sarver by the group supervisor of the officials for the series, Tommy Nunez.

“Obviously, everybody knows I refereed one of those famous games with the San Antonio Spurs where [the Suns] were definitely the better team in that series and San Antonio went on to win that series,” he said, via Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.

“Tommy Nunez, who was the group supervisor at that time for that series, didn’t like Sarver, who was the owner of the Suns at that time, and was always pointing out in the tape sessions of things to call against Phoenix and things not to concentrate on against San Antonio. And I think it put San Antonio at an advantage.”

This series, and Game 3, in particular, became a huge league-wide controversy, as it appeared Donaghy and the crew were intentionally trying to rig the game in light of several egregious calls. The Spurs went on to win that game, going up 2-1.

The recent comments that Donaghy made about the playoff series align closely with previous statements that he has made. Last year, he also noted that Nunez ‘enjoyed the lifestyle in San Antonio’ and that it played a role in him trying to steer the series.

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