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Tim Duncan Could Not Believe How Bad His Gatorade Was During A Time-Out: “He Was Not Happy.”

Tim Duncan Could Not Believe How Bad His Gatorade Was During A Time-Out: “He Was Not Happy.”

Tim Duncan, despite being one of the greatest players of all time, was one of the most down-to-earth and humble players in NBA history. Duncan didn't indulge in flashiness, whether it be on the court or off it.

He just wanted to play basketball and enjoy his downtime when he was off the court. Duncan was also unintentionally hilarious at times, as his reactions to simple things would make NBA fans laugh quite often.

One such reaction took place during a time-out of a San Antonio Spurs game. Tim Duncan was sitting on the bench, trying to hydrate himself with Gatorade.

But upon taking a sip, Duncan winced, seemingly suggesting that he did not like the way his Gatorade was tasting. Duncan's reaction was caught on camera, and it made for a hilarious moment for fans watching at home.

NBA fans reacted to this on Bleacher Report, including Joel Embiid, who joked that Duncan thought the Gatorade was very salty. Most fans just remarked how funny it was to see Duncan's reaction to the Gatorade.

Many fans also referenced a voiceover done on the video by a comedian. Duncan very rarely showed a lot of emotion, or expressed himself, so to see his very animated reaction to a bad-tasting bottle of Gatorade was quite funny:

Joel Embiid: “Hella salty……..”

I heard it had vodka in it

Bro was the OG Kawhi lol


Timmy D was going to bank shot the bottle to the trashcan

“This shit hella salty😂”Iykyk

He dapped buddy up then tried it again like naw this can’t be right 🤣🤣

Me trying to be a mavs fan rn

😂😂😂 maaaan the hell is this I’m drinking???

He like no let me taste it again I know I ain't tripping 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

Ginobbli put his secret sauce in there 😏

Bro why go for the second time💀💀

I miss Tim Duncan in the league

The greatest pf ever should have never had to endure such a thing. I’m upset.

It was zero sugar one

They Spiked His Gatorade With That Yac 😂😂😂😂

The Gatorade must of been hot 🤮

he had to make sure it wasn’t bad the 2nd time 🤣🤣🤣

Tim Duncan is fondly remembered by many NBA fans for all that he was able to accomplish in his legendary career. Duncan is considered by many as the greatest power forward of all time.

Duncan was a 5-time NBA champion and is one of the few players in history to win an NBA championship in 3 different decades. Duncan has faced off and gotten the better of some of the greatest players in NBA history, like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Duncan will always be remembered for what he was able to achieve.