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Tim Duncan Once Gave His Opponent Advice In The Middle Of An NBA Game

Tim Duncan Once Gave His Opponent Advice In The Middle Of An NBA Game

Tim Duncan is perhaps the most underrated superstar of all time. The San Antonio Spurs legend dominated the NBA for the majority of his career, getting the job done on both ends of the court. He won a championship in 3 different decades and retired with 5 titles in total, which is a lot more than most franchises. 

Duncan was known for his quiet demeanor and calm play on the court as much as anything else, he was never one to get heated or get into arguments while the game was on. That isn't to say that he didn't know how to play aggressively, Metta Sandiford-Artest once went as far as describing Duncan as a p*mp. But it's safe to say that there aren't much nicer than TD was on the court. 

Etan Thomas is a player that played in the NBA for 11 years, most of it coming with the Washington Wizards. He was a serviceable player for most of his career and had the opportunity to lock horns with the game's greatest power forwards, including Duncan. Thomas wrote a Facebook post in 2015, sharing his best Tim Duncan story, one that reinforces just how wonderful Duncan was. 

“So we’re playing the Spurs and I get the ball on the post. I inside pivot and sweep to the middle for my jump hook and he blocks it,” Thomas wrote on his Facebook page.

“So as we are running down the court he says to me – ‘that was a good move but you have to get more into my body so you can either draw the foul or I can’t block it’.

“So I didn’t know if he was talking noise or what so just kind of looked at him confused and said ok. Then, a few plays later I did it again got more into his body and he couldn’t block it. I missed the shot and he looked at me and said much better and kept playing.

“Tim Duncan is honestly one of the nicest guys in the NBA and one of the best power forwards ever. Respect."

A lot of the greats over the years have dominated those they played against and earned their respect through their elite play and ferocious competitiveness. But it takes a different sort of confidence to give your opponents tips while playing you and knowing that you'll still dominate. Whoever else enters the argument, Tim Duncan will always remain one of the absolute greatest players to ever play the game.