Tim Grover On Why Michael Jordan Is The GOAT: "During That Era, No Other Star Won A Championship"

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(via SLAM)

(via SLAM)

For decades, a lot of people have talked about Michael Jordan’s greatness. However, those who didn’t get to see him believe most things are overreactions or exaggerations and that he wasn’t actually that good.

The truth is that Jordan was the most famous person in the world. He was a sensation and made grown people shake and blossom in disbelief at his presence. He was the ultimate worldwide sensation.

Jordan was so different that he left his own colleagues and staff in awe. According to his personal trainer Tim Grover, the way he handled everything about the game of basketball and his dominance were simply unmatched:

“Being alongside this individual and being able to see things that nobody got a chance to see,” Grover told Jalen Rose. “The way he handled the media, the way he handled the adversity, leaving the game and coming back and winning three more in a row, never losing in an NBA final, never needing a Game 7. And, no matter how great his stats were during the regular season, they were even better during the playoffs.”

Grover added that Jordan is the best player of all time because he never allowed the other greats to win a ring. Once he reached his prime, no one else got to win except for the two years he wasn’t in the league:

“And, during that era, no other star won a championship,” Grover added. “They could not beat Michael Jordan and the Bulls, except the two years that he was away. But while MJ was on the court Patrick (Ewing) didn’t win, Charles (Barkley) didn’t win, (John) Stockton didn’t win, Clyde (Drexler) didn’t win, Karl Malone didn’t win, and we can just keep going on and on. It was like, ‘No, this is my era, you are not going to win during this time,’” he concluded.

That’s a common opinion when people discuss the GOAT case. That’s why some believe that LeBron James will never match him even if he also wins six NBA Championships.

Whether that’s the case or not it’s not for us to decide but he’s got a valid point. When Jordan was in town, no one else got to celebrate.