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Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor Considering "Major Changes" For The Team


History has not been kind to the Timberwolves. Since trading away Kevin Garnett to the Celtics, the team has been completely off the map.

Mostly, it's been a combination of bad luck, ill-favored culture, and abysmal decision making. Countless times, the higher-ups have tried changing the fortunes of the franchise, and countless times they have failed.

With Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins on board, those times were supposed to be over. The world saw how good these guys were and for once, Minnesota basketball was no longer a laughing stock.

But, of course, the team finds itself reeling once again, and in an utterly embarrassing fashion. Jimmy Butler exposed the players in a heated practice, where the world saw just how unstable things had really become. It's a disaster.

A disaster that Wolves owner Glen Taylor wants to be rid of. According to Larry Fitzgerald Sr., the Timberwolves owner is considering making some serious changes.

Whether those changes will come in the form of trades or firings is unclear, but it's certainly not crazy to think it might be both.

No matter what Taylor does, he'll have to hope it will be enough to finally steer this ship in the right direction. Though, obviously, that's easier said than done.