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Timberwolves’ Owner Implies He Made A Mistake Trading Their Young Players For Jimmy Butler


It’s a tough world. Being a fan of the Timberwolves doesn’t necessarily make it easier.

Over the years, the team has made plenty of critical mistakes. Even during the rare moments where they get it right, they can never seem to fully deliver on a successful season.

The Jimmy Butler experiment is the latest in their long line of failures, and it may have been the most embarrassing one yet.

On his way out, Butler not only exposed the laziness of his young teammates, he exposed the organization as well by making everything public.

Worst of all, their acquisition of Butler wasn’t free. They traded two solid young pieces in Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn. Most would say, considering their weak return on sending Butler to Philly, that the deal with Chicago was a major mistake on their part.

Judging by the words of a disappointed owner, the Timberwolves are inclined to agree.

In a piece by, it’s revealed that Wolves’ owner Glen Taylor does have some regrets about that trade.

“I just never anticipated that this would play out like that,” Taylor said. “To me, I thought we were helpful to him, because he said he wanted to get out of Chicago, so I thought we were helpful.

We certainly gave Chicago some really good young players. (Butler) came here with expectations that he would help lead the team, not only with scoring, but with his experience that he would share with our young guys and we got behind that.”

Looking back, giving up LaVine and Dunn for what turned into Saric and Covington is probably a deal the team wishes it could take back.

Trading for a star is always a risk, and this is one the Wolves’ had to pay for.

Though, unfortunately for them, that’s not exactly a very uncommon thing for this franchise.