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Timofey Mozgov On LeBron's Leadership In The Finals: 'If He Didn’t Motivate The Team As He Did, We Wouldn’t Have Won.'

(via The Birmingham Times)

(via The Birmingham Times)

After an underwhelming and frankly disappointing season in Los Angeles, LeBron James has been sent to the back burner in favor of the many new star duos that have been formed in recent weeks.

But as LeBron has proved since the beginning of his career, it's never wise to count him out. Bearing in mind an extra-long offseason, an improved supporting cast, and extra motivation to re-take his throne, King James could be gearing up for one of his best seasons yet. It all depends on how far he can lead the Lakers.

And, as Timofey Mozgov reminded us, his value transcends what is measurable by numbers and stats.


“If Lebron only played like he played and didn’t do his locker room speeches, we wouldn’t have won. As good as he was on the court, if he didn’t motivate the team as he did, we wouldn’t have won. He motivated us and made sure that we had the right attitude.”

“When we were trailing 3-1 not one player on the team thought we’d lose, thanks to him.”

Can LeBron bring this same fire and spirit into the Lakers' locker room?

Last season, James failed to galvanize the roster in time to make the playoffs. After leaked trade rumors went viral, the belief is that they lost faith and heart in the 3x NBA Champion. With this in mind, there is certainly doubt that he can take this year's team all the way.

It will be up to Bron to prove that sentiment wrong.