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Tom Brady Is More Likely To Reach A Super Bowl Than Stephen Curry Is To Make A 3PT Shot

via @tombrady on Instagram

via @tombrady on Instagram

Stephen Curry is known as a fantastic shooter. Many of us know Curry as a player who can bomb threes from anywhere on the court. Stephen Curry's career 3PT percentage is 43.3% and is one of the best percentages in NBA history. Curry rarely goes cold for long stretches of time, and his shooting is the definition of consistency.

Tom Brady has recently made it to the NFL Superbowl for the 10th time in his career. That is an incredible achievement: with his 21 seasons in the NFL, that would put Brady's chances of making a Superbowl throughout his career at 47.6%. Tom Brady has a higher chance to get to the Superbowl during his career than Stephen Curry does of making a 3PT shot. Bleacher Report created a Tweet on this incredible statistic.

Tom Brady has been the definition of excellence and longevity throughout his career. His year in Tampa Bay shows that he can succeed outside of the Patriots. What has defined his career is his greatness over a long period of time: that is also true of Stephen Curry's shooting. Both are great players in their respective sport, and both have cemented their legacies within their leagues with their consistent performances.

This statistic highlights the greatness of Tom Brady. While the smaller sample size is important to take into account, it is still crazy to think about the fact that Tom Brady has reached the Superbowl at almost a 50% rate for his career. That is an incredible achievement for anyone, and it is clear why many people, including NBA players, think Tom Brady is the GOAT quarterback.