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Tom Brady's Hilarious Reaction To LeBron James Winning His Fourth Title

(via Twitter/Tom Brady)

(via Twitter/Tom Brady)

As he watched LeBron James win his fourth title at the age of 35, NFL star Tom Brady probably felt as if he could relate. Like LeBron, he also won a Championship despite being regarded as old and "washed up" by the community.

He was 41 when he won his sixth Super Bowl, becoming the oldest quarterback ever to win one.

So, with an understanding the journey, Brady took to Twitter to congratulate his friend in a rather hilarious way.

Tom Brady and LeBron James have been elite for a long time now and that longevity is one of the reasons they will go down as some of the greatest players in their respective sports.

With six rings to his name, over 75,000 passing yards, and 3 MVPs, Tom Brady's resume is at a level never-before-seen. Still, it is often that he is doubted by the community, and he has to continually prove himself on the field.

LeBron, at 35-years-old, is going through much of the same. Amid questions about his decline, many weren't giving his Lakers much of a chance to start the season. But, as he has done many times before, he proved the world wrong in the best way possible.

Their stories are undoubtedly similar in a lot of ways -- as are their struggles.

And while we don't yet know how it will all end for them, we should consider ourselves fortunate that we are able to witness their greatness first-hand. They are truly something special.