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Tom Thibodeau Reportedly Top Head Coaching Candidate For Knicks



The New York Knicks have a lot of work ahead of them, but it all starts with who they chose as their next head coach. If they make the right decision, it could be the first step in finally turning things around.

So who are they eyeballing for the position? According to Ric Bucher on WFAN, he expects the team to hire defensive specialist Tom Thibodeau within the next week.

“Tom Thibodeau — the leading candidate for the New York Knicks coaching job — had his formal interview with the organization today, sources tell ESPN,” Wojnarowksi said.

Thibs is famous for his defensive strategies and for all the teams he coached, they were always a threat on that end of the floor.

Unfortunately, his time with the Timberwolves didn't end very well. After being given almost complete control of the franchise, he failed to get any traction in the West and was criticized for overplaying his best players.

Who knows how he'll do if given another chance, but the Knicks could certainly do a lot worse. They've gone through countless coaches over the past few years and all have failed to get the Knicks off the ground.

Maybe Thibs, who is a big name, will be enough to not only help inspire the team but also help lure in free agents to the franchise. We'll see soon enough how it all ends up.