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"Tonight Will Be Just As Memorable For Stephen Curry As He Passes Me On The List.": Ray Allen Has Message For Stephen Curry Ahead Of Potential Record-Breaking Night

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Ray Allen and Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry breaking the all-time 3PT record has been talked about in the news for quite some time now. While many expected Curry to break the record before today, it seems highly likely to break the record today, as it will only take him two 3PT shots against the Knicks to do so.

Ray Allen has recently shared a message to Stephen Curry on his Instagram and reminisced on the day that he passed Reggie Miller to be the all-time leader in 3PT shots.

As I look back on the day when I passed Reggie Miller to be the all time leader in the NBA in 3 pointers, I had the opportunity to not only share that stage with my teammates and the great Reggie Miller but I also had the opportunity to share it with the late, great Kobe Bryant I will remember that night forever and so tonight will be just as memorable for Stephen Curry as he passes me on the list and oh what a night it will be! All I ask is, can y’all save me a seat please, Spike didn’t return my calls! 

There's no question that Stephen Curry breaking the all-time 3PT record in one of the largest arenas in the United States, with a lot of fans present will be amazing. It will be a historic occasion that will likely be celebrated by a lot of people in the NBA world, and Stephen Curry's greatness will likely be on full display.

Stephen Curry and Ray Allen are both all-time legends, and it's good to see Allen send a positive message for Curry. Reggie Miller previously did something similar when Stephen Curry passed him on the all-time list. Stephen Curry is widely viewed as the greatest shooter ever, and this will be another record that will solidify his position there.