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Tony Parker Reveals What Sold Him On The Hornets


It wasn't the biggest move, but Tony Parker's decision to join the Hornets may have been the most unexpected. I mean, even with all the dysfunction tearing apart the franchise, it was hard to imagine Parker playing for anybody but the Spurs.

These all beg the question: what was it, exactly, that made Charlotte such a desireable destination for the fench baller?

Money and role certainly make up a big part of the reason, but (according to Parker) it was also a single phone call that helped sell him on the team.

“I just wanted to do something different, experience something new. I’ve been with the Spurs for a long time – 17 years." Parker told Matt Rochinski in a Q & A. "I kind of figured it was going to be Manu (Ginobili’s) last year and for me, I just wanted to – I know it sounds simple – but I just wanted to see something else - go to the East Coast and go do something else in the NBA. I did everything I wanted to accomplish with the Spurs. They’ve been amazing to me, but I just felt it was time to go another direction. It helped with Nicolas Batum being here because he’s like my little brother. We’ve been playing together for a long time with the (French) National Team. J.B. (James Borrego) is the new head coach who has been with me for 10 or 12 years as an assistant with the Spurs. I’ve always had a great relationship with him. When he called me, I [thought] it’d be a great challenge to help him out in his first head coaching job. All of this made the decision pretty obvious to me. And then when M.J. called, it was over.

Bearing that last bit especially in mind, it seems a call by Michael Jordan finished the job.

Whether it was by sheer awe and admiration, or something MJ said to convince him, it must've been pretty powerful if it was enough to pull Tony Parker away from San Antonio.