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Top 3 NBA Destinations For Milos Teodosic

Milos Teodosic Top Destinations in the NBA

Milos Teodosic is one of the best and most exciting players in Europe in the last 5 years.

Fans around the world always asking - why he is not playing in the NBA? Look at his assists, he is the European Jason "White Chocolate" Williams, but in my opinion, he is the better player because Milos has a great three-point shot and he already has medals with Serbian National Team and Euroleague with CSKA Moscow.

Three years ago, Memphis tried to sign him, according to the ESPN.

The Memphis Grizzlies tried to sign star European point guard Milos Teodosic in the summer of 2013, but the architect of Serbia's near-upset of Team USA at the Rio Games rebuffed that chance to come to the NBA, according to league sources.

Sources confirmed to ESPN that the Grizzlies offered Teodosic a two-year deal in the $5 million range in an attempt to lure him to the NBA.

Teodosic is a free agent next season (2017), and he will finally want to play in the NBA.

In the past I felt that playing in the NBA was not something really close to me. Now, I think about it. I want to travel to the States, play in the NBA and compete against the best players in the world. Maybe now I am more ready mentally and also on the court. I know what I can do it, I believe in myself and I ehave no doubts or second thoughts.

I am in the best phase of my career, I play for the Euroleague champs and I enjoy the most important thing for me since I was a kid, playing on open courts. I enjoy basketball. I will not risk losing that, because this is the only thing that I really need.

I want to feel that an NBA team knows my game, has a plan for me and can use me in a unit with real chemistry, while having high goals and being competitive. I want to win, to be motivated and to feel that the coaches and the organization trust me. It’s important when you play to have high goals. That’s what I’ve been doing since I was a kid, I was chasing championship titles.

I want to go to the NBA and I know that I can establish myself there and really contribute. I will not sign anywhere just to be able to say that I played in the NBA. I need the whole package that will excite me. So it depends on what offers I get as a free agent and the way the teams approach and talk to me.

Ιf I end up in the NBA, I just want to be able to be myself. The spaces on the court are bigger compared to Europe, traps on defense and hedge outs to guards are rare, while there are many great shooters and big men who can finish the pick and roll. I think that those are keys for my game, I could adjust easily and produce high quality basketball. I don’t care about my numbers, that’s not the point. The point is to play the basketball that I can and really influence the game of my team, help it be more effective. (Via

He is a great player and he should play in the NBA next season, but the question is where is the best destination for him?

3. Houston Rockets

Mike D'Antoni likes run and gun, and Milos Teodosic knows how to find his teammates in the first 10 seconds of the offense. He could be the same player like Steve Nash was in Phoenix Suns.

Assists, three-pointers and intelligence on the court. The Rockets have Patrick Beverly (he played with Teodosic in Olympiacos), and they can use Milos with James Harden, Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon on the court.

Just imagine that run and gun basketball with four players who can score from the downtown. And Mike D'Antoni likes that.

The problem could be if James Harden often uses isolation play, but Teodosic could help him after pick and roll with Anderson, so they can spread the floor and Harden will have more spaces to play in the offense.

2. Sacramento Kings

Peja Stojakovic was there and he is one of the best three-point shooters in the NBA history. Vlade Divac is there. He is also from Serbia and he is a legend of Sacramento Kings. Bogdan Bogdanovic will be there, and Teodosic could have the agreement with Sacramento in 5 minutes.

DeMarcus Cousins and Milos Teodosic. Just imagine this combination on the court. After their pick, Teodosic can find DeMarcus Cousins in the Manhattan if he wants.

Sacramento Kings have to find a good point guard, and if they don't send the offer to Washington Wizards, they should send a good offer to Milos Teodosic and that is it.

Sactown could be finally on the NBA Playoffs map after 10 year

 1. San Antonio Spurs

“The San Antonio Spurs, since it is a team that has developed a style close to the so called ‘European’ basketball,” said Teodosic in the EuroHoops article. “The plays have a lot of extra passes etc. Also the Utah Jazz. Their coach Quin Snyder is a former assistant to Ettore Messina (in 2012/2013 CSKA Moscow) and someone with a phenomenal attitude. He is a great man, one of the most promising coaches in USA right now. And he really knows me well. So I think I’d be a very good fit there, knowing him and his system of work. Also the composition of the Jazz is quite solid, they have a lot of young and athletic players”.

Before becoming an assistant coach under Gregg Popovich, Messina was coaching CSKA in the Euroleague and coached Teodosic during part of his time there. So, the familiarity with the Spurs and Jazz makes sense from Teodosic’s perspective.

I really don't believe the Jazz can sign Milos Teodosic because they already have George Hill and Dante Exum.

But, the Spurs will be the best destination for Milos Teodosic.

Gregg Popovich knows how to use players from Europe, and he develops a style very similar to the European basketball.

Tedosic will have the ideal game plan on the court. Every player in the Spurs has the extra assist in the pocket.

Tony Parker is 34-years old, and Milos Teodosic has 29. It's time to have a younger player on the court, and he can fit with LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard.

I didn't forget Pau Gasol and Davis Bertans, as well.

Manu Ginobili and Milos Teodosic together can hide the ball from their opponents.

The Spurs will be the ideal destination for Teodosic and I hope so he will sign with them next season.

Check this video... and you will have a better idea where is the best destination for Milos Teodosic. Enjoy.