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Top 8 Scorers In The NBA When They Shoot Over 20 Shots In A Game


The NBA is filled with players who can put the ball in the basket at an insane rate, with the majority of players in the league -- yes, even guys off the bench -- owning scoring records for their respective high schools back when they were teenagers.

The difference between high school and the NBA, however, is the fact not everyone has a pass to shoot the ball whenever they please, which is why only the elite of the elite scorers are able to consistently drop 30 points a night, every night.

If given the opportunity, it's almost certain that numerous players could drop 40-50 points in a game if they were allowed to shoot as soon as they got the ball in their hands. But what about the players who do have that opportunity? Just how effective are they as scorers?

Join us as we count down the top 8 scorers (via PPG) when taking over 20 shots.

8. Kyrie Irving - 29.3 PPG


7. Joel Embiid - 29.6 PPG


6. Paul George - 30.6 PPG

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5. Giannis Antetokounmpo - 30.6 PPG


4. LeBron James - 31.6 PPG


3. Kevin Durant - 32.0 PPG


2. DeMar DeRozan - 32.2 PPG


1. Kawhi Leonard - 33.3 PPG