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Video: Tracy McGrady And Kobe Bryant Arguing About The Day Kobe Beat T-Mac 1-on-1

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Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant shared a big rivalry during their NBA careers. Although their careers were very different in terms of accolades, Kobe always showed respect for T-Mac's game, which gave him nightmares. 

The former Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, and Houston Rockets player turned 42 a week ago. So this was an excellent opportunity to remember how great he was and how high his fellow players were on him. Kobe, of course, was one of those. 

"Ball is life" shared a series of posts about T-Mac on social media, including where he and the Black Mamba were arguing over the result of a 1-on-1 game. Talking with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, the players had different versions of what happened. 

While McGrady said they weren't keeping the game's score, Kobe said they were and even dared to say he beat his friend 11-3. 

KB24 always praised McGrady, even naming him the most challenging player he faced during his career. Their battles were epic, and even though McGrady couldn't lead a team to the NBA championship, he retired as one of the most talented players in the league during the 2000s. 

As soon as he entered the league, he showed all his qualities with the Raptors. After a tumultuous exit, T-Mac continued with the Orlando Magic and then the Houston Rockets, where he lived his last good moments in the association. 

Current NBA stars know this man was a problem. Kevin Durant labeled him as 'unstoppable' for his capacity to torch teams every night. 

Tracy was just something else. It's too bad that injuries didn't respect him, which hurt his chances to have a better career. Still, the things we watched from the Hall of Famer were great, and those stories with Kobe and the way former and current players talk about him are the prime sample that he was something special.