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Tracy McGrady: "I Don't Care If He Shoots 80%, Zion Williamson Has No Chance To Win ROY"

(via The New York Times)

(via The New York Times)

Since becoming the nation's #1 prospect, Zion Williamson has been the face of the next generation of basketball.

But after suffering an injury before the star of this season, the 6-6, 285-pound rookie sensation has yet to step foot on the basketball court. Concerns about his health, durability, and overall weight have drawn major questions about his future.

With his return imminent, those questions will only continue to persist. And, for some, no matter how he answers them, it will not result in him raising the Rookie of the Year trophy this spring.

Essentially, Zion's chances to take home Rookie of the Year honors are forfeit. It makes sense why.

He's missed half the season and even when he does come back, what kind of performance can we expect? Would he really stand a chance against a guy like Ja Morant, who has played exceptional for pretty much the entire season?

McGrady is certainly not alone in his thinking, and it seems only fair that Zion is counted out of contention for the award.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see what this season reveals. Is his game going to translate quickly into the NBA, or will it take the rest of this season for him to adjust and adapt to the new landscape around him?

It will be interesting.