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Tracy McGrady: 'Kawhi Leonard Is A Better Player Than LeBron James'

(via Golden State Of Mind)

(via Golden State Of Mind)

There has been a lot of chatter about Kawhi Leonard recently. The way he and his Clippers look has taken the community by storm, and many are impressed with exemplary performance these past few months (going back to the 2019 playoffs).

Tracy McGrady considers himself in that camp and said on ESPN's "The Jump" that he is even better than LeBron James.

McGrady and Windhorst note that while LeBron is still superior mentally, Kawhi is a more dominant player in just about every other way. McGrady also said that, based on the season opener on Wednesday, LeBron has lost already lost a step or two on offense. The stats certainly back these claims.

Kawhi is considered the best defender in the game, a near unstoppable force when he intends to score and is obviously good enough to lead his team to a Championship. LeBron, at 34-years-old, is clearly struggling to defend his crown.

In the season debut, he had just 18 points on 36% shooting.

And while game one may have been misleading, Father Time is a force that will only get stronger for James as the year progresses.

Maybe this is the moment the King has to give up his throne. Though, it's doubtful that he will give it up easily.