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Tracy McGrady Says Kobe Bryant Believed He Was Better Than Jordan

(via Elite Sports NY)

(via Elite Sports NY)

Michael Jordan may very well reside on the highest pedestal in sports. Considering all he's done and the fame he's built up, he might really be the greatest athlete in any sport ever.

But Kobe Bean Bryant was not one who lacked confidence. As he worked to build up his own basketball career, using Jordan's moves as his own along the way, he whole-heartedly believed he was better than His Airness (at least, according to Tracy McGrady).

“To be around Kobe at 19 years old, bro, you would’ve thought Kobe had been here before and been around the greats of the game because his mindset was so different than I’ve ever experienced and ever seen in anybody at 19 years old … This man really, truly thought he was better than Michael Jordan,” T-Mac said Thursday on All The Smoke Podcast.

Kobe was known for his "mamba mentality." He was fearless on the court and took on any challenge that came his way. He also backed up his words by working and practicing to hone and improve his game.

His confidence was one of his greatest strengths, and he often got the upper hand in his matchups. To believe he was better than the GOAT really shows his state of mind, which is actually something that rivals even Jordan himself.