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Tracy McGrady Selected LeBron Over Jordan Because Of One Reason

Tracy McGrady Selected LeBron Over Jordan Because Of One Reason

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? One of the most common debates in sports history. They have both changed the way in a significant way, becoming the greatest players to ever play in many people's eyes. Arguably the best scorer ever vs the greatest all-round player ever.

A quote from Tracy McGrady in 2017, on choosing between Lebron and Jordan to build a team:

“I think if you want to start a team, I’m going to go with LeBron because of him being able to take lesser talent and elevate those guys… Because of his pass-first mentality, being able to elevate his team in terms of their style of play”

“Mike is going out there trying to get 30 and 40 points. He’s not looking to make his team better.”

McGrady is on LeBron’s side because of his leadership and elite playmaking skills which makes his teammates better. LeBron with a career average of 27 points, 7, rebounds and 7 assists, he can do almost everything on the court.

It’s hard to compare LeBron and Jordan because they play completely different positions. Jordan may have more possibilities to isolation score playing in the shooting guard spot and LeBron can see more cutting, rebounding and overall more style of play in the forward spot.

But, Tracy McGrady was very clear about who is the GOAT.