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Trae Young Has The Same Amount Of 40 Point Games In His Career As Kyrie Irving

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Trae Young

Trae Young is one of the best young point guards in the game today. He is an offensive powerhouse and is well-known for his ability to shoot from range, as well as his elite playmaking. Currently, Trae Young is averaging 28.0 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 9.6 APG.

During the Atlanta Hawks' recent game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Trae Young finished with 41 points and 8 assists. That meant that Trae Young got his 26th career 40 point game.

Twitter page StatMuse has recently shared an interesting statistic regarding Trae Young's game, pointing out that Trae Young already has the same amount of 40 point games as Kyrie Irving, despite being much younger.

There's no doubt that Trae Young has a bright future, and this statistical fact illustrates why. He is a player that is putting up superstar-caliber offensive production. Many have compared him to Stephen Curry, with Jalen Rose even suggesting that Young could break Curry's all-time 3PT record in the future.

He may get 4000 made 3s. 4000. That's like putting a high score up on a video game that nobody's gonna take down. It's almost like Stockton's assist record.

But I thought this when the Big O had the triple-double record, and then Russell Westbrook came along. I would say Stephen is gonna put up the score that nobody's gonna take down.

But if somebody is, Trae Young is going to be the guy. Because he's 23, he's played like 4 years, he shoots with unlimited range, he's already a guy averaging 25 and double digit assists for what it's worth.

Trae Young has already been to the Eastern Conference Finals, and he has shown that he can lead a team deep into the playoffs. While the Atlanta Hawks ended up being a play-in tier team this year, there's no question that Young has been one of the positives of their season.

Hopefully, we see Trae Young make the playoffs once again. There's no doubt that he's exciting to watch, and we got a taste of that last playoffs. The Hawks will have to make it out of the play-in tournament, but as long as they have Trae Young leading them, they shouldn't be counted out.