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NBA Analyst: Trae Young Is On Pace To Be The Most Dangerous PG We’ve Seen Since Isiah Thomas



The Atlanta Hawks have struck gold with star point guard Trae Young -- that much is no question at this point. But just how good is the 21-year-old sharpshooter? According to one league analyst, he's compatible to Isiah Thomas.

(via The Herd)

"When you look at a guy like Trae Young, the NBA is predicated to a dynamic point guard play.”

“Every great team in the NBA right now has one thing in common and that’s a dynamic point guard and Trae Young epitomizes the point guard position.”

“He attracts people, people love to play with him. This is the kid that’s going to attract 3 ages to come play with him and excite the crowd with deep 3’s like that.”

"Trae Young is on pace to be the most dangerous rarest PG we’ve seen since Isiah Thomas. His ability to extend defenses which opens gaps for opportunities for others is unlike anything in the past. He has continued to write his own story. The future came early.”

At the time, Rashad Phillips and Colin Cowherd were talking about comparing Young to Steph Curry. They share a lot of similarities and Young's game was likey even molded by Curry.

But Rashad took it a step further. To him, his game, talent, and versatility surpasses any modern guard.

It is true that his impact on the game is huge. His shooting and personable nature have given Hawks fans reason to believe. This past season (which was just his second as a pro) he averaged 29.6 points, 9.3 assists, and 4.3 rebounds on 43.7% shooting.

One has to wonder what else he's capable of as he continues to grow and develop himself and his basketball skills.