Trae Young On His Doubters: "I Hate The Narrative Of Just Being A Scorer, And My Stats Don’t Mean Anything. I Don’t Want That Narrative Where It’s Like I’m All About Stats Because I’m Not. Stats Are The Last Thing I’m Bringing Up.”

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Ever since we saw him at the University of Oklahoma, it was pretty clear that Trae Young was a special kind of talent. His playmaking, limitless range, and ability to lead the break on a fast-paced offense perfectly translated to the modern NBA.

However, and after two years of dominating opposing defenses at will and earning his first All-Star nod, it seems like some people still doubt Young's ability to win in the NBA. Some bash him for his poor defense, some claim he's just a scorer.

That's why he reached out The Athletic to claim that he's determined to change that narrative because he really doesn't care about stats unless they translate to winning basketball games:

"I hate the narrative of just being a scorer, and my stats don’t mean anything. I don’t want that narrative where it’s like I’m all about stats because I’m not. Stats are the last thing I’m bringing up," Young said.

But if we were to take a look at his stats, Trae Young should definitely be proud. I mean, he's fresh off his second year in the Association and is already a top-3 scorer at this level. That's quite impressive.

Young averaged 29.6 points, 4.3 rebounds, 9.3 assists, 1.1 steals, and 3.4 three-pointers on 43.7/36.1/86.0 shooting splits, which is almost unprecedented for a second-year player.

Yes, he's still got long ways to go in the defensive end and might never be an average defender but he should get a lot of credit for the way he's taken the league by storm. Now, the Hawks need to surround him by players that can complement his style and his flaws, which aren't that many.