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Trae Young Plans To Train With Kobe Bryant, After Gaining 12-16 Pounds This Offseason

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Atlanta Hawks found themselves a future superstar of the game when they traded for Trae Young in the 2018 NBA Draft. The young Hawk had an impressive rookie season and now looks ready to take his game to the next level by learning from the very best this preseason, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Young will take part in USA’s Basketball training camp on the 5th of August as a member of the squad. According to the Athletic’s Chris Kirschner, Young will then head to California where he will focus on improving his mid-range jumper through training with Kobe Bryant. Kirschner also mentions that Young has been working with trainer Alex Bazzell where notable results have already been made.

Per Kirschner:

"The two have spent almost a month together already and another two to three weeks already have been planned for in August. As with [trainer Irv Roland], Young's maturation is the noticeable change Bazzell has seen, plus Bazzell said Young has gained 12 to 16 pounds this offseason. Just based on the eye test, Young's muscle mass certainly has improved from where he was at the end of the season."

As impressive as Young was in his first season in the league, his mid-range shooting was his main weakness. According to, the rookie shot 31.6 percent between 16 and 24 feet, this is a worse percentage that his success rate from beyond the arc which was 32.4 percent.

If he can improve his mid-range shooting, Trae Young’s offensive game will improve dramatically which would be a massive positive for Atlanta. There isn’t too much pressure on Young to improve immediately as the Hawks aren’t in anywhere near being a contender in this upcoming season.

It certainly could take some time to improve but the extra pre-season training with Kobe Bryant is a great place to start for Trae Young.