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Trae Young Responds After Hawks Get Snubbed For Christmas Day Schedule

Trae Young

With over a month to go before the start of the season, NBA fans need something to look forward to in order to keep excitement and hype alive for the upcoming campaign.

So when the NBA's Christmas Day schedule was finally revealed on Twitter Sunday, it became a huge talking point among the community.

For Hawks star Trae Young, however, the release of the schedule only led to disappointment after he found out his Hawks were straight up excluded from the festivities.

He reacted to the news on Twitter with a six-character reply.

Young and the Hawks are constantly being overlooked in the East. Just two seasons ago, they made a run to the Eastern Conference Finals as one of the most exciting young teams in the league.

But the Hawks followed it up with a pretty mediocre performance in the following season, which left the haters and doubters to label their run as nothing but a fluke.

This season, Young will look to change that and make his team one of the NBA's premier franchises.

I just know what type of player he is," Young said about his partnership with Dejounte Murray. "I know what he can bring to our team. I wanna win championships in Atlanta. I think he can ultimately help take us to that level. We've been in the playoffs, we've been on a run, but he can take us to that next level."

With Young, Murray, and Collins, Atlanta has a solid core that can really become something in a few years.

For now, though, they will have to live with being underestimated and overlooked until they can prove they have earned the respect they feel they deserve.