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Trae Young Responds To New York Fans Again After Latest 'F**k Trae Young' Chants At The Yankees Game

Trae Young Responds To New York Fans Again After Latest 'F**k Trae Young' Chants At The Yankees Game

It wouldn't be out of line to suggest that Trae Young has lived in the minds of New York Knicks fans since the playoffs last season. The Atlanta Hawks man absolutely demolished the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs, including some huge performances in Madison Square Garden in what was a rare season of playoff basketball for Knicks fans to enjoy. 

Young's iconic bow after beating the Knicks and then going on to talk trash to the Knicks fans is clearly seared into the memory of Knicks fans, with the entire City of New York having decided that Trae is now a lifelong nemesis. There have been a number of chants about Trae Young in other sports arenas in New York and even in concerts, something that doesn't bother the young superstar too much, as he explained on the 'Old Man And The Three' podcast

And the latest instance of random hate for Young happened at a New York Yankees game, with fans chanting 'F**k Trae Young', even though he doesn't have much to do with the sport of baseball. Trae responded too, and a post about it went viral, with other fans taunting New York sports fans for the hold Trae has over them: 

"Bro has all of New York wrapped around his finger."

"Imagine a 23 year old living in your head rent free year around."

"Hold that L, New York."

"Why they dissing a basketball player at a baseball game?"

"Bro literally owns that city."

"Knicks fans hate their father."

"This is the weakest thing I've ever seen."

"Trae really owns all of them."

"Can't wait for Trae to beat on that sorry franchise again."

"Trae Young will always be a legend for what he's done to everyone in New York."

"Will these cats ever be able to get Trae off they mind?"

The only way for New York fans to really gain any sort of an upper hand over Young is if the Knicks beat the Hawks in a playoff series, but they currently don't look too capable of doing so. The team has had issues with their new star in Julius Randle, and it seems unclear what direction they are headed in. While the Hawks themselves need to sort a few things out, Young may just continue to destroy the Knicks for a few seasons more at least.