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Trae Young Says He Won't Stop Nutmegging Opponents: 'It's Entertainment. It Ain't Gotta Be Serious 24/7."

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Trae Young has been in everybody’s mouth recently after he starred in one controversial play with Trevor Ariza. The Atlanta Hawks second-year point guard has been known for his performative “nutmegs” — deliberate crossover dribble moves to disorient his defenders.

NBA fans love to see this, but it’s not the same watching these plays than being the victim of one of Young’s tricks. For instance, Portland Trail Blazers wing Trevor Ariza didn’t take the dribble move too kindly and instantly fouled the 21-year-old.

Young, who is already an All-Star in his second year, took to Twitter to let everybody know he won’t stop nutmegging rivals.

“It’s entertainment. It ain’t gotta be serious 24/7,” he is quoted as saying by Bleacher Report.

“Been in my game my whole life... why stop now?!”“Just close your legs,” he wrote on Twitter.

Young has had a terrific season this one, individually speaking. His style of play has earned him a lot of admirers around the league, despite playing for the Hawks, a team with a losing record. However, Trae has been essential to the team having any chance to win a ball game on a nightly basis.

His All-Star selection was criticized by several players and the media due to how badly the Hawks are playing. Yet, seeing the numbers Young is putting up, he would have been disrespected otherwise.

Trae doesn’t plan to stop nutmegging opponents, so be ready to enjoy his show every night.