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Trae Young Shows Support To Bullied Autistic 6th Grader: “F***ing Sad!! No Kid Should Ever Have To Go Through This.”

Trae Young Shows Support To Bullied 6th Grader: “F***ing Sad!! No Kid Should Ever Have To Go Through This.”

Trae Young sent a heartfelt message to a kid getting bullied in Oklahoma. A recent video shows an autistic 6th grader being attacked by his peer. Somebody twice the kid's size attacked him while somebody tried to protect the victim. 

As the video went viral on social media, everybody had something to say about the situation, including Young. The Atlanta Hawks point guard couldn't help it, reacted to the video condemning the actions of the bully, stating that nobody should be treated that way.

After a Twitter user shared the video of the kid named Joshua being attacked, Trae didn't hesitate and called out the attacker, clowning him for picking somebody who couldn't respond to the attacks. 

F***ing Sad!! No kid should EVER have to go through this.. not physically capable enough to protect himself & the other kid knows that , you Clown face !!!

Somebody pls get me Joshua’s info ..

The incident took place at Alcott Middle School in Norman, Oklahoma, and Trae wasn't the only one who reacted to the terrible video. Besides the huge Twitter community, Joe Ingles also sent a message to the kid, saying he's loved by plenty of people regardless of what others say or do. 

This is disgusting. Joshua you are loved by so many & I will show you. Got to be better…

Alcott Middle School, we will be in contact.

It's really sad that we're still seeing this type of behavior in 2022. Joshua is an autistic kid that, as Trae said, would have had a hard time fighting his attacker and it's awful that the other person took advantage of that to hurt him. 

It shouldn't be this way, but Joshua found a lot of good things after living that terrible moment. We hope this incident is the final one and he won't be bothered by anybody else. There's no place for bullying in this world unless it's bully ball and you're using it to win basketball games. Other than that, it's unacceptable.