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Trae Young Takes A Jab At Reporter Calling A Fan 'Broke': "Smh, Who Says This?!? I Ain’t Buying That Article... What That Make Me?!"

Trae Young Says The NBA Regular Season Is 'Boring': "You Got To Find That Motivation To Play Like It Is The Playoffs."

NBA players are known to interact with fans on occasion via several social media platforms. The Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant is arguably the most vocal, making his stance clear regardless of the situation. Recently, he used the famous "I am not a role model" line after a saga surrounding him having ashy ankles.

The Athletic reporters have been on the receiving end of players' outbursts so far, as many are not exactly happy with the rumors flying around. Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard also took to social media to share his thoughts on the rumor surrounding him, after The Athletic released a report suggesting he wants to play with Ben Simmons.

In the news today is the Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, who was not going to sit by as an Atlanta Hawks beat reporter called a fan "broke." The Hawks have struggled so far this season, ranked ninth in the Eastern Conference standings with a 13-12 run. For a team that played in the conference finals last season, it is not the best start to the new season.

The Athletic's Chris Kirschner took the time out to put out a publication detailing the reason for their poor run of form. Although he credited their offense, he was disappointed with the defense. Albeit pointing out that they were missing key defensive-minded players, he still believed they did not reach their potential with those players on the floor.

"Offense should not be a problem for the Hawks most nights. They’ll obviously have off nights like any team, but Atlanta could finish the regular season with a top-five offense and no one should be surprised."

"It’s the other end of the floor that has to be figured out. Truthfully, I did not think the Hawks were going to be this bad defensively. Yes, De’Andre Hunter, the team’s best perimeter defender, has been out for a couple of weeks now with a torn tendon in his wrist, but the Hawks were still bad defensively with him on the floor."

A Twitter user replied to Kirschner, basically not agreeing with his stance, which ended in the reporter asking if he read the article or not.

In the end, the fan was called broke, which prompted a response from the Hawks starting guard. In his response to Chris' tweet, he replied:

"Smh, who says this?!? I ain’t buying that article.. what that make me?! #NextQuestion"

Young signed a $207 million five-year contract extension with the Hawks, meaning he is definitely not broke. The All-Star has continued to lead his team despite missing several key players. By the numbers, the Hawks have been poor defensively as they are ranked 26th in defensive rating, but they boast of the second-best offense in the league.

The Hawks will need to turn things around soon as championship teams need to have a strong defensive unit. They host the Nets on Friday night, which will be a significant test for their defense.