Trae Young’s Dad Says He’d Rather Have His Son’s Skills Over Zion Williamson’s Athleticism: “Athleticism Is A Gift From God. Skill Takes Years To Be Good At. And Skills Rarely Die.”

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Credit: NBAE

Credit: NBAE

Trae Young's second year in the NBA saw him take this game to the next level, being the main reason why the Atlanta Hawks could compete against more powerful teams, although Young's attempts to lift his team were useless. They didn't have a good record, weren't invited to the bubble and the player was surprisingly accused of being incapable of taking his team to big stages.

Well, Young is still young and he has plenty of room to improve his game. His father is well aware of that and he praised his son recently while replying to the question of what he'd rather have between Trae's skills and Zion Williamson's athleticism. Rayford Young made it clear that athleticism is a 'gift from God' while developing skills need practice and once you've done it, you won't ever forget it.

"Both are extremely important. Athleticism is a gift from God. But skill is something that takes YEARS to be good at. And skills rarely die.....Don’t get it twisted," he replied to Slam Hoops' question on Twitter.

To be fair, Zion is labeled as a gifted player with his body and all the things he can do even though sometimes he seems to be overweight. The young player, just like Trae, has an entire career to improve his game and he's planning to do so. They are different players, from different positions and filling different needs for their teams. If they play together, though, the Hawks or the Pelicans would be one of the most exciting teams to watch around the NBA.