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Trans Woman Accuses Dwight Howard And His Camp Of Sexual Harassment


Dwight Howard is trending, but not for basketball reasons.

In an unconfirmed claim, the Washington center is being accused of sexual harassment by a trans woman named Masin Elije.

(the story extends through several tweets)

In the Twitter thread (complete with audio and visual evidence) that extends quite a bit, Masin explains how she and Howard met, and then proceeded to exchange pleasantries in a private chat.

Apparently, things spiraled out of control when Masin caught Dwight having cheating on her with other transgender women at sex parties. While that’s not necessarily our business, it’s what comes next in this story that is a bit more alarming.

The two started bickering, which lead to threats from Dwight’s pastor, alleged stalking, and bribery in an attempt to get her to deny the whole thing happened.

The story goes into a lot of detail, but basically ends with the supposed victim saying she fears for her life, and that Dwight refuses to use his power to stop the whole thing.

No statement by Howard or the police have been issued yet.

If the story does checks out, who knows what kinds of repercussions it’ll have on Dwight. The internet is already eating this story alive with jokes and memes, and for an NBA big-man with an already wounded reputation, another legacy stain is something supremely unfortunate.