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Trevor Ariza Reportedly Accused Of Child Abuse By His Baby Momma

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers Trevor Ariza has been accused of child abuse by his baby momma. Ariza opted out of the NBA bubble to spend time with his son, so these allegations are a big surprise for everybody.

According to TMZ, Lana Allen, the mother of the child, claims the Blazers swingman has physically abused their child on multiple occasions and she's demanding a restraining order as soon as possible.

Allen has filed new court documents accusing Ariza of child abuse, dating back to 2019. The parents are currently trying to get the child’s custody with a trial set for October. Allen claims the child "fears" his father and is "not safe in his care."

Ariza is denying these accusations, claiming it’s all part of a plan of Allen to separate him from his son.

“What is occurring here is in fact [Allen's] abuse of the minor child by her relentless, cruel loyalty conflict for [the child], alienation campaign and selfishly driven attempts to interfere in father and son's relationship,” Ariza said.

A judge will have the final say on this matter but it’s hard to imagine Ariza opting out of the bubble to stay at home and abuse his child. He has filed a response to the allegations and now will try to get the custody of his 12-year-old.