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Tristan Thompson Called Out The Entire Eastern Conference, Only To Start The Season 0-6


Here are the very bold words Tristan Thompson uttered before the season began...

“We’re still 4-time Eastern Conference champions, so until you take us down from that, teams ain’t got much to say.“

He called out the Celtics, saying they blew home-court advantage. He called out the Sixers, saying how they almost got swept. And he called out Toronto, pointing to their consistent playoff collapses.

After now six games into the new season, Thompson is eating those words.

Not only are the Cavs 0-6 (the worst mark in the NBA), but their start to the season is the worst we've seen from any team in a long time. Their current net rating of -12.8 is worse than the 2017/18 Suns, the 2016/17 Lakers, the 2015/16 Sixers, the 2014/15 Knicks, the 2013/14 Sixers, and the 2011 Cavs, who were -9.5.

Plus, the Cavs have only played two really good teams so far, with the other four losses coming from the Hawks, Nets, Pistons, and Wolves.

Cavs tickets are being sold for $2, and their lone remaining star player, Kevin Love, has already been dealing with health problems. The point is, the Cleveland Cavaliers stink, and that's being nice.

From four straight trips to the NBA Finals to once again becoming the worst team in the league, it is fair to say that this year's Cavs team has officially lost their right to trash talk.

Now, if only someone had told T.T. that...