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Tristan Thompson Rips Kevin O'Connor For Saying His Teammates Don't Like Him: "I Don’t Know If I Should Mention His Name Or Not, Because He Doesn’t Deserve My Two Cents"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Boston Celtics can't catch a break. Year after year, it seems like there's always some kind of weird story going on in their locker room that gets leaked to the media and portrays them as a dysfunctional squad.

The Celtics haven't lived up to expectations this season and have been fairly inconsistent for most of the year. On top of that, Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer reported that newcomer Tristan Thompson wasn't exactly welcome in the locker room:

“I have also heard that [Tristan] Thompson is not loved in that locker room for numerous different reasons," O'Connor reported 10 days ago.

While that could be a credible statement given Thompson's past with the Cleveland Cavaliers, several Celtics players took to Twitter to call O'Connor out and shut down that narrative.

Now, Thompson himself has decided to break the silence on that matter, taking swipe at O'Connor for his report:

That guy, Kevin O’Connor — I don’t know if I should mention his name or not, because he doesn’t deserve my two cents, but I remember every name because I am like an elephant. So, with him saying I’m not liked in the locker room, that was funny, because that’s not the case," Thompson said, as quoted by ClutchPoints.

“I’m used to it,” Thompson added. “Why not mention my name? Especially with our team going through an up-and-down season like everyone is trying to say. So it makes sense to point out one of the better guys. But [Jaylen Brown] and Kemba [Walker] came in and had their tweet. Kemba doesn’t ever tweet and he tweeted that, and JB came and did the same thing. That guy just wanted click baits. You’re welcome, Kevin O’Connor, for using my name. Got you some more hits and some retweets.”

Thompson added that he's a respected and beloved guy around the NBA and that he's just not going to let anybody stain that reputation:

“I’ve got a pretty good rapport in this league, So I’m not going to let some guy with Twitter fingers try to bring down what I’ve built. Good attempt, Mr. O’Connor. But I’m Teflon steel. You can’t bring me down like that. I’m too blessed," the Canadian player concluded.

Thompson joined the Celtics this season to work as their starting big man but has struggled with multiple injuries and even Covid-19. Hopefully, he'll turn the table towards the end of the season and gives them that much-needed interior presence.