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Tristan Thompson Untied Kevin Durant's Shoe On The Sideline During The Timeout

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You know what they say: Everything's fair in love and war, and that's no bigger war than the NBA playoffs.

That's why the savviest players are always trying to pull off something. They want to get in their rivals' heads or make the most of every single edge they can get, even if that means not playing by the book.

Rajon Rondo is a master at this craft. He's often crashing his rivals' huddle, high-fiving his opponents in the free-throw line, and never-ending etcetera. We also saw it with Lance Stephenson blowing into LeBron James' face.

So, to that list of hilarious and not-so-efficient antics, we can now add Tristan Thompson trying to untie Kevin Durant's shoe in the sidelines.

The Boston Celtics were on the verge of falling 3-1 to the Brooklyn Nets, and Thompson wanted to do whatever it took to get an edge, even if that meant getting on the floor, both literally, and figuratively.

Thompson's energy on the offensive glass has been duly noted over the past couple of games, helping his team take one at the TD Garden before suffering a tough loss in Game 4.

Also, his playoff experience has come in pretty handy for a team that's missing three starters and that's full of young players. So, maybe, they'll learn a trick or two after watching him and this hilarious clip.