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Tupac Watched His Final NBA Game Between Lakers And 72-10 Bulls: Three GOATs Were In The Arena That Night

Tupac Watched His Final NBA Game Between Lakers And 72-10 Bulls: Three GOATs Were In The Arena That Night

Many fans will have a different opinion, but a wide majority of people believe that Tupac Shakur was the greatest rapper to have ever lived. After all, he had everything that a global superstar needed to have to achieve the greatest success. He had the voice, the sound, and the image that transcended boundaries worldwide. There was a point where everyone and their mother knew who Tupac Shakur was, even if they did not listen to rap or hip-hop music.

It is only fitting that the man regarded as the greatest rapper ever attended his final game watching Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers take on Michael Jordan and the 72-10 Chicago Bulls. Tupac entered the stadium to fans pleading for autographs and pictures because he was a rockstar after all!

A Big Storyline To Follow On February 2, 1996

The game was an exciting one because it was the return of the retired Magic Johnson who led the Lakers to battle on their home floor against the 41-3 Bulls who would only lose 7 more games the rest of the season. The final score was 99-84, with the Bulls usurping the Lakers in major statistical categories including Effective Field Goal Percentage (58.5% vs 51.4%) and Offensive Rating (118.6 vs 100.7). Surprisingly, it was Scottie Pippen who stole the show and not Michael Jordan.

Pippen scored 30 points on 57.1% shooting from the field, making 5 out of 8 three-point shots and playing his usual excellent perimeter defense. Jordan chipped in with 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists and allowed his sidekick to get hot from the three-point land to guide the team to victory. After ending the first quarter tied at 28, the Bulls blew the game open and outscored the Lakers by 13 points in the second quarter. Magic chipped in 15 points and 3 assists, but his team was not as equipped as the Bulls were and it showed in the 15-point blowout.

Tupac Is The Greatest Rapper Ever, And He Had An Amazing Life

Tupac Shakur was a special artist, because of the way he carried himself outside the studio and what he did inside of it. Shakur had an extraordinary voice, from the way he sounded on his records to the actual content of his music. Shakur told a story when he made music, often reflecting on the struggles of his life and relating to people all over the world. His social conscience shed light on life in the ghetto, and famously had “Thug Life” tattooed on his body to indicate his struggle and presence in his community.

Tupac also had this unique raw energy and urgency in the way he rapped in his music, and always expressed himself in the most original way. Tupac was no stranger to controversy either, serving a 9-month sentence on something he may or may not have done and also engaging in a relationship with global superstar Madonna. Tupac was always in the news, whether controversial or not and had a way of going about music better than anyone else in his genre. The fact that his first (and final) game was Magic Johnson playing against Michael Jordan is only fitting for the greatest whoever did it.


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