Twitter Freaks Out After Max Kellerman Says Kawhi Leonard Is Better Than Kobe

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(via SWX)

(via SWX)

Kawhi Leonard is almost single-handedly keeping the Raptors alive in the Eastern Conference Semis. As a perimeter scorer and lock-down defender, he is averaging over 30 points per game on above 60% shooting, numbers only ever replicated by the great Michael Jordan.

As great as he has been in this postseason, it is probably a little to claim he is better than other great NBA legends.

Someone might want to pass that along to Max Kellerman though, as he seems to have missed the memo.

In a discussion about Kawhi's late-game heroics on ESPN's First Take, Kellerman compared Leonard to none other than Kobe Bryant, saying that Kawhi is actually a better player in the clutch than the five-time champion.

Of course, the community was not on board.

To Kellerman's credit, Kawhi has been phenomenal in the clutch throughout his career and has a Finals MVP to prove it. But to say he is better than Bryant, who has 5 Championships and who is widely regarded as the greatest clutch performer of all-time is quite a bold statement.

Nonetheless, Max is showing no signs of regret.