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Twitter Map Shows Lakers Are The Most Hated Team In The League This Season

(via The Score)

(via The Score)

With the acquisition of Anthony Davis, the Lakers have become one of the NBA's most elite teams in the 2019-20 season.

They have also one of the most hated. According to geotagged Twitter data gathered by, the Lakers proved to be the most hated team in America, with nationwide slander towards their brand.

Over 100,000 tweets were tracked, including phrases such as "I hate the (insert team)." The Lakers were the most disliked NBA team in 34 states, though there's still quite a bit of disdain toward the Golden State Warriors. The Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets also appear on the map.

Last year, in a similar data pool, the Golden State Warriors were the ones who took first place by an overwhelming margin.

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Clearly, America roots for the underdog. Teams who are favored to win the title and who have a history of winning, are generally rooted against throughout the season.

Now that the Warriors are like;y playing for a spot in the draft lottery, there isn't much reason to hate them anymore. The Lakers, however, is a different story.