Twitter Map Shows LeBron James Is Most 'Hated' NBA Player Today

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LeBron James

For every loved NBA player, there’s an equally hated one, and the players that are disliked vary from state to state across the United States of America.

Based on Geotagged Twitter Data that was assembled after the 2018-2019 season, has been able to work out who in the league is the most hated player of each American state. The Lakers’ LeBron James was the most hated player overall with 25 states, closely followed behind by Kevin Durant with 17. The two were followed by Kyrie Irving with five, Anthony Davis with two and James Harden with one.


Looking at the results, the common theme was that every state’s most hated player in the league was also one of the most talented players. All five of those players are considering some of the elite players of the NBA.

There are also two ways at looking at this, since these five are some of the greatest and most talked about players in the league, they’re expected to have some haters especially if they decide to move teams in a situation like Durant’s. However, for all the hate, they also have a lot of love from the fans and they can also be considered as some of the most popular players in the league.