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Twitter Reacts To Giannis' Late-Game Foul On Jimmy Butler As Bucks Fall To 0-2

giannis butler

The Milwaukee Bucks are in big trouble. They managed to climb back from a 10-point deficit late in the fourth quarter. They trailed by six, then three, and a questionable call on Goran Dragic sent Khris Middleton to the line to tie the game.

And just when it seemed like we were heading to overtime with the game tied at 114, Giannis Antetokounmpo closed out on Jimmy Butler and fouled him as the time expired. The ruling on the field was that Butler had to shoot two free throws with no time left on the clock.

As you may know by now, Butler sank both freebies and, obviously, the internet had a lot to say about the Defensive Player of the Year making such a blatant mistake, even though Marc Davis shouldn't have called the foul in the first place.

The Bucks can't seem to figure the Heat out and Erik Spoelstra has clearly outcoached Mike Budenholzer thus far. Giannis improved from his poor performance in Game 1 and yes, it was a bad call but it still feels like the reigning MVP and DPOY should be more impactful on these kinds of situations.