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Twitter Reacts To The New York Knicks Getting The 8th Pick Of The 2020 NBA Draft


The New York Knicks can't catch a break. They finished the season with a 21-45 record, meaning they had the 6th best odds to land the 1st overall pick. Moreover, they had a huge chance at, at least, cracking the top-5.

Then again, it's the New York Knicks we're talking about. They ended up with the 8th overall pick instead, on a Draft class that isn't precisely stacked with talent outside of the top 5.

The Knicks were already dreaming about LaMelo Ball, Obi Toppin, or Anthony Edwards hooping next to RJ Barret at Madison Square Garden but it's obvious that none of those three studs is going to be available once they're on the clock. Once again, the internet was undefeated with some hilarious reactions to the Knicks' tough luck:

It's a tough time for being a Knicks fan. That 8th pick holds little-to-none trade value given the nature of this atypical class. But hey, we've seen incredible talents slip in most big boards, so there's still some hope.