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Twitter Users Post Unseen Footage Of Kobe Bryant Dominating In The Philippines In 1998


A day doesn't go by without NBA fans all over the world missing Kobe Bryant. 10 months have gone since his fatal accident and most of us still can't fathom the fact that he's no longer around us, and it won't seem real for a very, very long time.

At least, we get to watch countless videos, tributes, pictures, and never-seen material and memorabilia from the Black Mamba, both from when he was still a young rising star in the league up to the very second he retired from the NBA.

This time, Twitter users @Hoopsdepartment and @Ballislife shared some unseen footage of a young Kobe Bryant completely killing it in the Philippines for an Adidas tour in 1998:

Needless to say, the clips went viral in the blink of an eye and even former NBA players like Jamal Crawford and Caron Butler reacted to them, claiming that there will never be another Kobe Bryant.

The sports community has clearly had a tough time coping with Kobe Bryant's passing. His impact on people's life transcended far beyond a basketball court and his legacy can still be seen and felt among the younger generation of NBA players.

There will never be another Kobe Bryant. There will never be a player with such a strong drive and determination to be the best version of himself every single night out there. There will never be a person so obsessed with working on his craft and bringing out the best of everybody around him. There will never be another Black Mamba.