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Twitter Users Slam Steve Nash Over George Floyd Post


The George Floyd situation has been as polarizing as you'd expect, as even though he was clearly murder, people are still debating whether if it was a racial situation or not.

That's not for us to decide, but the NBA community has had a pretty strong stance and response to this situation. They're condemning institutionalized racism and are speaking up for the minorities by demanding justice for Floyd and other Africanamericans that died at the hands of the authorities.

However, it seems like Steve Nash's most recent post has done little to clear the air. Instead, he infuriated some of his white followers, as the former Suns' point guard claimed that it is their responsibility to finally change things in the U.S:

“This is a white problem. How are WE Caucasian people going to create equality? Listen. Read. Walk in others shoes. Organize. Sacrifice. Change. Support. VOTE! These are the MINIMUM of REPARATIONS," Nash wrote. Needless to say, that rubbed some people the wrong way. Nash's message was intended to encourage empathy and sympathy for minorities, but instead, some accused him of widening the gap even further. Others made the most of the opportunity to spread their racist ideas and condemn the protest:

If we can't even agree on a tweet, then we definitely have a lot of work to do.