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Two Phoenix Suns Players Reportedly Tested Positive For Coronavirus


And so it begins. The NBA is scheduled to return to action in little over a month in the Orlando bubble, yet two Phoenix Suns players have already tested positive for coronavirus, according to a report from the Arizona Central:

The names of the players were undisclosed and it's believed that there are going to be plenty of positive tests once the league starts to widespread the testing, as reported by Legion Hoops:

The Phoenix Suns were one of the 22 teams invited to the Orlando bubble. They're currently sitting at the 13th spot of the Western Conference standings, trailing the eighth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies by 6 games, which makes their postseason berth quite unlikely at this point.

Furthermore, it seems like players are getting fewer incentives by the day to attend the bubble. On one hand, they risk their health with the virus. On the other, players likely to get an extension in the summer don't want to risk injury following a long hiatus.

Moreover, some players claim that basketball will be a distraction amid the outrage of the Black Lives Matter movement, while others state that this championship will always have an asterisk next to it.

Honestly, it seems like there's no right answer right now about whether the league should actually come back to play or not. It's going to be a huge challenge for players attending the bubble, that's for sure, and God knows we could use the entertainment.

Then again, at the end of the day, nothing's more important than the health of the players and team's staff, and things aren't looking well right now.