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Two Teams Have Reportedly Been Eliminated From The Kevin Durant Sweepstakes


There's no indication that Kevin Durant's time in Golden State is anywhere close to ending.

But money talks, and for Golden State, they just don't have enough to keep all their high-priced stars forever. So while it still seems unlikely, the possibility certainly remains that Kevin Durant will wear another jersey for the 2019/2020 campaign.

What's really surprising are the names of the teams that have apparently already been eliminated from contention for Durant's services. Chris Mannix explained on Jeff Goodman's The Good N' Plenty podcast why seeing KD in a Laker or Wizards jersey is a long-shot:

“I think next summer, we are going to see a Kevin Durant free-agency tour. I think we’ll see teams recruit him, maybe not the exact same way they did a few years ago, but in that kind of way. And if you start looking at potential teams, I know people like to connect Kevin Durant to Los Angeles, but I’m of the belief that if he gets his third championship, he’s not going to want to play alongside LeBron James, Kevin Durant’s gonna wanna be the player who eclipses LeBron James. You don’t wanna go and play with somebody and help him win championships if you’re on Durant level. You wanna be… THE guy. I think that’s gonna keep him out of L.A.”

Mannix continued, saying how playing at home in Washington will not be a likely scenario either:

“He’s not gonna go to Washington. He doesn’t wanna play at home. That’s been a long-standing thing with him… There would have to be a radical change [for Durant to consider it].”

With the Lakers and Wizards apparently out of the mix, who does it leave left?

The Thunder and Knicks, who could both provide a great opportunity for KD, are likely the only two teams with a legitimate chance at stealing away the Warriors' star forward. And, lucky for them, they'll have all of next season to improve those chances.