Ty Lawson Explains He Tried To Compliment Chinese Women With 'Cake' Comment

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Former NBA player Ty Lawson is once again starring in controversy after posting NSFW Instagram stories with offensive messages about Chinese women. These stories earned him a lifetime ban from the Chinese Basketball Association and now Lawson is trying to explain it was all a mistake.

After plenty of Chinese fans flooded his Instagram account with racist messages, Lawson took to IG stories once again to explain it was all a misunderstanding and that his words were taken out of context. He claimed he was actually trying to compliment Chinese women instead of offend them, but the damage is done now.

Even after he tried to fix things, it doesn't look like the CBA and his team, the Fujian Sturgeons, will change their minds about Lawson's situation. He will have to look somewhere else to find a new team to continue his career.

During his NBA career, he was a first-round pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, selected 18th by the Minnesota Timberwolves before being traded to the Denver Nuggets. Ty was always a problematic player and that cost him a spot in the league. Now, he's messing things up overseas, earning a lifetime ban for just a simple Instagram story.