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Tyler Herro On Possibly Playing The Finals As A Rookie: “I Wanna Do It For Jimmy”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Tyler Herro is living his best life right now, as the Miami Heat are up 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals, with the player having a huge role in that good moment. The Boston Celtics didn't have an answer for Herro during Game 4 of the series and Tyler went off with 37 points, breaking several records in the process.

This kid's future is bright and the Heat can't be happier about it. They are one game away from playing their first Finals since 2014 and Herro has a big motivation to finish the job, one of his teammates.

“I more wanna do it for Jimmy, though,” he told Heat courtside reporter Jason Jackson after the game. “He’s been here before but he’s never got to the finals. I wanna do it for him; obviously, he’s been a great big brother to me since I’ve been in Miami and I know how much it means for him to win and I just wanna help him get there.”

Herro is on the way to become a star in the league. This is his first season in the NBA and the things he's showing are marvelous. In addition to that, the maturity he shows off the court is remarkable and his words about Jimmy Butler's chance to play in the NBA Finals for the first time in his career are more than admirable.

The Heat will try to finish the job on Friday, hoping to see Herro inspired once again. This kid is going places and it doesn't look like anybody in the East can stop him now.