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Tyler Herro Posts Cryptic Tweet Amid Trade Rumors: "The Way Things Going Only Family Matters."

Tyler Herro

There are many trade rumors currently flying around in the NBA, the availability of Kevin Durant and, on a smaller scale, Kyrie Irving, has set the league on notice, with teams likely figuring out the best packages they can offer to acquire either superstar. One of the teams linked with KD is the Miami Heat, and they have some big contracts and talented youngsters they can include in a potential trade for Durant

The speculation has carried on for a while, and it's hard to tell what players will be included in the deal, but Tyler Herro is someone that fits the profile of the type of player the Nets would want as part of the package for KD. Even if there are no concrete updates on that front yet, Herro tweeted on Monday, implying that something might be afoot. 

"The way things going only family matters."

While his tweet could be about several things, he was reportedly having issues with his relationship earlier in the year, and it's hard not to think that it might mean the Miami Heat have opened conversations about moving him in a potential deal. It's not even just Kevin Durant, the Heat's reported interest in Donovan Mitchell had also seen Herro mentioned as a potential piece in a possible transaction. 

Herro broke out in his rookie season with the team, helping the Heat on their improbably run to the NBA Finals in the Bubble. While he couldn't help them get over the hump and struggled a bit in his sophomore season, the youngster won Sixth Man of The Year during the 2021-22 season and was again part of a deep playoff run by the team. 

As a player that was drafted by the Heat, Herro has proved to be a willing worker for the team, despite being asked to play off the bench. So, to have his name being mentioned in trade talks would surely sting Herro. While this tweet isn't concrete evidence of the fact that this would happen, it will certainly have Miami fans wondering what the coming days might bring.